Great Baddow Man Announces Royal Birth

July 2013
 (Tony makes his announcement on the steps of St Mary's Hospital)

Great Baddow's Tony Appleton, 76, announced the birth of the royal baby, Prince George, to billions of people throughout the world when he took to the steps of St Mary's Hospital in London.In front of the world's media and dressed in a traditional red jacket and a red, white and blue ostrich feathered hat Tony cried,

"On this day the 22nd July in the year 2013, we welcome with honourable duty a future king. The first born of their Royal Highness the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The third in line to the throne.
Our new prince is the third great grandchild of Her Majesty the Queen and the first grandchild of the Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. May he be long lived, happy and glorious and one day to reign over us. God save the Queen."

Tony, who has been Great Baddow's town crier for 25 years, was not part of the official proceedings.
He admitted, "I gatecrashed it. - the crowd were hysterical, absolutely ecstatic. They thought I was the messanger for the Queen."

Tony, now dubbed the 'Royal town crier', appeared on television stations around the world and his photograph on every newspaper including the Los Angeles Times.