New Landlord Wanted At Kings Head

February 2016

The Kings Head pub in Maldon Road - that closed down before Christmas - is again seeking a new landlord.

The capital start up/ingoings required is £12,450 plus £8000 for fixtures and fittings. On top of that the rent is £21,900 per year and the business rates are £22,000 per annum. Any takers?

Blue Lion Restaurant - One of Chelmsford's Favourites

February 2016

The Blue Lion pub had built up a fine reputation for the quality of its food and now features as one of Chelmsford's Favourite Restaurants. Visit:

New Development At Vineyards

February 2016

Marable House, the derelict building next to the Vineyards, in the heart of Great Baddow is due to be demolised.

It will be replaced by a total of 53 apartments (an assortment of 1 and 2 bed dwellings). Work has begun and the new development to be known as 'Heron Gate' will be complete by the end of 2016.