Launch Of New Great Baddow Website

January 2011

by Maurice Crockard

As many of you will know, the Great Baddow On-line website ceases being "on-line" this week.

Chris Harvey has spent 5 years putting together the information on that site and Chris has now passed the baton on to myself and David Haddington, who have recently launched a new site at incorporating much of Chris's web content.

This new site aims to provide locals with a one-stop shop for information about local businesses, organisations, history, news and events. Since most of the information is collected piecemeal from local sources, there are bound to be gaps. If you'd like to help plug these gaps, I would like to hear from you (email: If you are a small business based in Great Baddow, then you can have a mention if you tell us. We will even set up a micro web-site, or even just a single page, for you and promote it for a very nominal sum. Such site sponsors, get a front page mention on the site for a part of the year to help promote their business even more and a web address (URL) of the form

The development of the Local History section is on-going and would benefit from your input. Old photographs showing buildings that have been demolished are especially welcome, as are any items about local notable families. Well, actually, anything that's historical and interesting about the village or its inhabitants will be gratefully accepted.

If you spot any glaring gaps in the information available, just let us know.